dfserver is a distributed backend AI pipeline server. The initial purpose of this project was to build a self-hosted distributed GPU cluster to run the stable diffusion model, but it has a potential to expend to general AI models, or large-scale production service.

System Topology

Task Sequence Diagram

Getting Start

Server Prerequisites

Worker Prerequisites

Build the dfserver


$ git clone "https://github.com/huo-ju/dfserver.git"
$ cd dfserver
$ make linux-amd64 #or make linux-arm64

dfserver Configuration

cp configs/config.toml.sample configs/config.toml

Edit the config.toml, setup the username/password/host address/port of the rabbitmq.

The default configuration was defined ONE task queue for stable diffusion ai worker (name is ai.sd14), ONE discord bot service, ONE process worker for discord(name is discord.server1)

Run dfserver

./dist/linux_amd64/dfserver --confpath=./configs

AI Worker Install

Copy the pyworker dir to the GPU server, and install all diffusers dependencies(nvidia drivers, CUDA, pytorch, models etc…).

cd pyworker
pip install -r requirements.txt
git clone https://github.com/huggingface/diffusers.git

AI Worker Configuration

cp configs/config.ini.sample configs/config.ini

Edit the config.ini, setup the username/password/host address/port of the rabbitmq.

Run the ai worker

python tworker.py


Add the discord bot to your disord server, and input your prompt.

For example:

!dream Cute sticker design of a AI image generator robotic pipeline service, app icon, trending on appstore, trending on pixiv, hyper-detailed, sharp

The ai task will be collected from user input by discord bot, and published to the rabbitmq, then the task will be fetched by ai worker (running on GPU servers).

The result (generated images) will be published back to the rabbitmq, fetched by process worker (discord.server1), and sent back to the user.

Run the dfserver and aiworker on boot, please see the systemd scripts in deployments


  • [] Response error messages to users
  • [] More AI workers, eg: upscale worker
  • [] Multi GPUs worker support
  • [] Initial image
  • [] Mask/Inpaint



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