A fast Go avro codec.


Install with:

go get github.com/hamba/avro


type SimpleRecord struct {
	A int64  `avro:"a"`
	B string `avro:"b"`

schema, err := avro.Parse(`{
    "type": "record",
    "name": "simple",
    "namespace": "org.hamba.avro",
    "fields" : [
        {"name": "a", "type": "long"},
        {"name": "b", "type": "string"}
if err != nil {

in := SimpleRecord{A: 27, B: "foo"}

data, err := avro.Marshal(schema, in)
if err != nil {

// Outputs: [54 6 102 111 111]

out := SimpleRecord{}
err = avro.Unmarshal(schema, data, &out)
if err != nil {

// Outputs: {27 foo}

More examples in the godoc.

Types Conversions

Avro Go Struct Go Interface
null nil nil
boolean bool bool
bytes []byte []byte
float float32 float32
double float64 float64
long int64 int64
int int, int32, int16, int8 int
string string string
array []T []interface{}
enum string string
fixed [n]byte []byte
map map[string]T{} map[string]interface{}
record struct map[string]interface{}
union see below see below

In Go structs, the following types are accepted: map[string]interface{}, *T,
and a struct implementing avro.UnionType. When en/decoding to an interface{}, a
map[string]interface{} will always be used.

  • map[string]interface{}: If the union value is nil, a nil map will be en/decoded.
    When a non-nil union value is encountered, a single key is en/decoded. The key is the avro
    type name, or scheam full name in the case of a named schema (enum, fixed or record).
  • *T: This is allowed in a "nullable" union. A nullable union is defined as a two schema union,
    with the first being null (ie. ["null", "string"]), in this case a *T is allowed,
    with T matching the conversion table above.
  • interface{}: An interface can be provided and the type or name resolved. Primitive types
    are pre-registered, but named types, maps and slices will need to be registered with the Register function. In the
    case of arrays and maps the enclosed schema type or name is postfix to the type
    with a : separator, e.g "map:string". If any type cannot be resolved the map type above is used unless
    Config.UnionResolutionError is set to true in which case an error is returned.


Benchmark source code can be found at: https://github.com/nrwiersma/avro-benchmarks

BenchmarkGoAvroDecode-8     	  300000	      3863 ns/op	     442 B/op	      27 allocs/op
BenchmarkGoAvroEncode-8     	  300000	      4677 ns/op	     841 B/op	      63 allocs/op
BenchmarkHambaDecode-8      	 2000000	       655 ns/op	      64 B/op	       4 allocs/op
BenchmarkHambaEncode-8      	 3000000	       577 ns/op	     200 B/op	       3 allocs/op
BenchmarkLinkedinDecode-8   	 1000000	      2175 ns/op	    1776 B/op	      40 allocs/op
BenchmarkLinkedinEncode-8   	 2000000	       816 ns/op	     288 B/op	      10 allocs/op

Always benchmark with your own workload. The result depends heavily on the data input.


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