GBPool– a simple but useful golang free proxy pool

GBPool, golang baipiao proxy pool, a free & simple golang proxy pool module, gathering proxies from those kindness free proxy provider.Developed for indiviual use, but you can apply it anywhere you want.

Thanks(also if my project is affecting your service, please post a issue and i will remove your service immediately.)

What can it do?

  • Switch different proxy
  • Easy to implement your own provider
  • Support manually enable | disable manager
  • Support custom process to a proxy(drop | reuse | expired, you can also implement your own process)
  • More and more coming soon with your help.


// 1.Simply add this line below to your go.mod latest
// 2.Copy proxy_pool.yaml.example to the root of your project(of course you can also edit your own config file referring to the existing example file. NOTICE: if you choose to use your own config file, remember to edit the init function in /pool/pool.go)


// There is a testing.go file at the root, you can use it for testing
logger := logrus.New()
proxyPool := pool.NewProxyPool(logger)
for {
	proxy := <- proxyPool.ProxyChan
	t := rand.Intn(9)
	if t > 5 {

Things that you need to know

  • This is a personally developed module, the main purpose is to help people get a more stable & anonymous way to gather the data they need.
  • This module is not for abruptly annoying or even attack those free proxy providers. In contrary, i hope this package can reduce the pressure for them, as this project is more steerable & less request.
  • Please be known this is a personal & individual work, some problem may not be answered or solved immediately. Welcome to contribute!
  • Using this project is on your own responsibility, any consequence is yours.
  • I’m quite a noob in programming, so if you have bug | suggestion, please let me know in the issue.


  • Maybe change config file to variable when create new manager.
  • Support more provider
  • Specify the description of function


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