A Kubernates Cloud-Shell (Web Terminal) Operator.

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Why cloudtty ?

Existing project ttyd already provides great feature to share terminal over the web. But Kubernetes cloud native enviroment requires a way to run web-tty via kubernetes way ( running as pod, and generated by CRD). So you can try cloudtty.


This project is based on https://github.com/tsl0922/ttyd. Many thanks to tsl0922 yudai and the community. The frontend UI code was originated from ttyd project, and the ttyd binary inside the container also comes from ttyd project.



Usage Guide

Step 1: Install Operator and CRD

helm repo add daocloud  https://release.daocloud.io/chartrepo/cloudshell
helm install --version 0.0.2 daocloud/cloudshell --generate-name

Step 2: Create kube.conf configmap for target cluster (This step will be refined, when the target cluster is the same one this operators runs on)

kubectl create configmap my-kubeconfig --from-file=/root/.kube/config

# Be careful to ensure the /root/.kube/config:
#  1. contains the base64 encoded certs/secrets instead of local files.
#  2. the k8s api-server endpoint is reachable(host IP or cluster IP) instead of localhost

Step 3: Create a cloud-tty instance by applying CR, then monitor its status

kubectl apply -f ./config/samples/webtty_v1alpha1_cloudshell.yaml  && kubectl get cloudshell -w

More will be coming Soon.

Developer Guide


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