4byte.directory data

A full collection of signatures scraped from https://www.4byte.directory/


All signatures can be found in exports/signatures.json

Due to signature collisions, the signatures are stored as an array.


usage: export [-h|--help] [-p|--page <integer>] [-t|--threads <integer>]
              [-r|--retries <integer>] [-m|--missing] [-f|--failed-only]

              Exports function signature data from 4byte.directory


  -h  --help         Print help information
  -p  --page         The page to start scraping from. Default: 1
  -t  --threads      The number of threads. Default: 10
  -r  --retries      The number of times a page should be retried before it is
                     considered failed. Default: 25
  -m  --missing      Checks the completed pages array and looks for any pages
                     that may be missing and fetches them
  -f  --failed-only  If set only pages that have previously failed will be
  -c  --counts       Counts the number of scraped pages, failed pages and

Standard scrape

To scrape all the pages starting from the first page

export -p 1

Failed pages only

Due to the instability of the 4byte.directory API, if a page could not be fetched after the retry value specified it is considered failed.

To retry all previously failed pages:

export --failed-only

Missing pages only

Check if any pages are missing from the result set and rescrape them if needed.

export --missing

View result totals

export --counts

Result totals as of 2022-08-01:

Completed pages: 8115, Failed pages: 0, Total Signatures: 810744


  • Add --latest arg to fetch the most recently updated signatures


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