This is a HubSpot Go client generated using openapi-generator. It includes packages for every OpenAPI spec listed in HubSpot’s API directory.


go get

Re-generating Clients

This package includes a client generator that runs the openapi-generator binary (must be located in your PATH) and re-generates the Go clients using the most up-to-date API specs. Any changes to the specs should be committed to this repository through a PR. I’ll do my best to keep this up to date with the most recent changes. Assuming that you have openapi-generator installed, just run the following to re-generate the clients.

go generate

Using the clients

The clients are broken out into their own packages by name. Currently, openapi-generator produces mutilated method names like GetCrmV3ObjectsContactsContactIdGetById. This will need to be fixed in the openapi-generator project at some point.

client := contacts.NewAPIClient(contacts.NewConfiguration())


Authorization is done by passing context values in with each request. In order to facilitate this, I’ve created a simple Authorizer interface and an API key implementation (more implementations to come).

ctx := context.Background()
authorizer := hubspot.NewAPIKeyAuthorizer("aa-bb-cc-dd")
client.DoRequest(authorizer.Apply(ctx), ...) // this request is now authorized


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