HAYABUSA Framework

Hayabusa is a server side framework for Japan-like social games.

  • Easy to understand and use for beginners
  • Powerful controller, flexible deployment
  • High performance, high throughput and concurrent


go get -u github.com/hayabusa-cloud/hayabusa

Quick start


Example Project


Has builtin functions as follows:

HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/3 via QUIC

  • HTTP/1.1 on tcp4 or tcp6 socket
  • HTTP/3 on udp4 or udp6 socket

HTTP API controller

  • REST-style API design
  • fast URL locating
  • builtin reverse proxy
  • builtin access controll
  • builtin basic authentication
  • builtin request parameter check
  • useful builtin middlewares library
  • etc.

API document generation

  • auto generate basic API document

Realtime network communication via UDP socket

  • low latency, low memory usage and high throughput
  • micro second level time cost per request
  • supporting KCP and QUIC protocol
  • server side application layer logic
  • no need to care concurrency safety in application layer
      (there are exceptions )
  • multi-play room management and builtin matching algorithm
  • builtin area of interest algorithm
  • builtin basic authentication
  • useful builtin middlewares library

Plugins and modules

  • logger
  • event management, scheduler, timer
  • csv master data management
  • local memory cache
  • redis connection management
  • distributed lock/mutex
  • mongodb connections management
  • mysql connections management
  • sqlite connections management
  • builtin basic authentication

Coming Soon

  • test cases and benchmark
  • csharp sdk and unity sample project for realtime communication
  • js sdk and cocos sample project for realtime communication


E-mail: [email protected]