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Package agp is a gene parsing package for Axie Infinity.

The name agp stands for “Axie Gene Parser” which decodes the hex representation of an Axie’s gene into a human readable format.

Only supports 256 bit genes


With a correctly configured Go toolchain:

go get -u


To get started, you’ll first need to get the gene of an Axie in hex. You may use the Axie Infinity GraphQL endpoint to get this detail. For this example, let’s use the hex 0x11c642400a028ca14a428c20cc011080c61180a0820180604233082

Let us first parse this hex into a GeneBinGroup object. ParseHex() first converts the given hex into its binary format. It thens divides these binary bits into their own respective groups, each representing a certain attribute of the Axie’s gene.

gbg, err := ParseHex("0x11c642400a028ca14a428c20cc011080c61180a0820180604233082")

Once we generated the GeneBinGroup, we can then use decode this object into human readable format using Decode()

genes, err := Decode(gbg)

The generated output should look like this

  Class:    Beast,
  Region:   Global,
  Tag:      NoTag,
  BodySkin: DefBodySkin,
  Pattern:  PatternGene{"000001", "000111", "000110"},
  Color:    ColorGene{"f0c66e", "ffec51", "f0c66e"},
  Eyes: Part{
    D:  PartGene{"eyes-chubby", Beast, "", Eyes, "Chubby"},
    R1: PartGene{"eyes-chubby", Beast, "", Eyes, "Chubby"},
    R2: PartGene{"eyes-blossom", Plant, "", Eyes, "Blossom"},
  Ears: Part{
    D:  PartGene{"ears-lotus", Plant, "", Ears, "Lotus"},
    R1: PartGene{"ears-nut-cracker", Beast, "", Ears, "Nut Cracker"},
    R2: PartGene{"ears-inkling", Aquatic, "", Ears, "Inkling"},
  Horn: Part{
    D:  PartGene{"horn-rose-bud", Plant, "", Horn, "Rose Bud"},
    R1: PartGene{"horn-caterpillars", Bug, "", Horn, "Caterpillars"},
    R2: PartGene{"horn-dual-blade", Beast, "", Horn, "Dual Blade"},
  Mouth: Part{
    D:  PartGene{"mouth-tiny-turtle", Reptile, "", Mouth, "Tiny Turtle"},
    R1: PartGene{"mouth-piranha", Aquatic, "", Mouth, "Piranha"},
    R2: PartGene{"mouth-serious", Plant, "", Mouth, "Serious"},
  Back: Part{
    D:  PartGene{"back-balloon", Bird, "", Back, "Balloon"},
    R1: PartGene{"back-jaguar", Beast, "", Back, "Jaguar"},
    R2: PartGene{"back-jaguar", Beast, "", Back, "Jaguar"},
  Tail: Part{
    D:  PartGene{"tail-ant", Bug, "", Tail, "Ant"},
    R1: PartGene{"tail-hot-butt", Plant, "", Tail, "Hot Butt"},
    R2: PartGene{"tail-swallow", Bird, "", Tail, "Swallow"},

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