Automatic Update Launcher

A general purpose updater for updating (web) applications server when update folder exists

What is this?

The Automatic update launcher only do one simple task, which is to upgrade your application to the latest version if it finds a later version of such application in the ./updates folder.

Its logic basically goes like this

  1. If updates/ folder exists
    1. Backup the old application files and data
    2. Copy the updates for application from updates folder to current folder
    3. Remove the updates folder
  2. Start the application
  3. Check for crash, if crash happens after update
    1. Restore the old application files and data
    2. Remove the backup folder
  4. Restart the whole process unless crash retry count > max allowed


Require Go 1.17 or above

go mod tidy
go build

or just grab a copy from the release page.


Configure the launcher with launcher.json. See the example below

    "backup": ["./*.config","./*.exe"],
    "verbal": true,
    "resp_port": 25576,
    "max_retry": 3,
    "crash_time": 3
Key Usage
Version Launcher version
Start Start path, support wildcard, will start the first matching file
Backup Files to be backed up before updates, will put into app.old
Verbal Show launcher verbal message, use for debugs
Resp_port The port for response check in application. See “Check Launcher” section for more information
Max_retry Max retry before restoring from old application backup
Crash_time The time difference for start to exit is less than this value, the application is assume crashed

Check Launcher in Application

If your application needs to check if the launcher exists, you can create an HTTP GET request to the http://localhost://{resp_port}/chk endpoint to see if there are any response from the launcher. The launcher will response with a text message matching the pattern Launcher v" + launchConfig.Version


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