A GitHub (gh) CLI extension to automate the daily work with branches, commits and pull requests.


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  1. Checking out to an automatically generated branch:

    gh prx checkout-new 1234 # Where 1234 is the issue's key

  2. Creating a new PR with automatically generated title/body and checklist prompt:

    gh prx create

Explore further by running gh prx --help


As developers, we rely heavily on git and our git provider (in this case, GitHub).

Many of us find the terminal and CLI applications as our main toolkit.

gh-prx helps with automating and standardizing how we work with git and GitHub to create a faster and more streamlined workflow for individuals and teams.


  • Automatically creating new branches named based on issues fetched from project management tools (GitHub, and more in the future…)
  • Extended PR creation:
    • Automatically push branch to origin
    • Parse branch names by a pattern into a customized PR title and description template
    • Add labels based on issue types
    • Filter commits and display them in the PR description
    • Interactively answer PR checklists before creating the PR
    • All gh pr create original flags are extended into the tool

gh-prx is an early-stage project. Got a new feature in mind? Open a pull request or a feature request 🙏


Configuration is provided from .github/.gh-prx.yaml and is advised to be committed to git to maintain standardization across the team.

The default values for .gh-prx.yaml are:

   template: "{{.Type}}/{{with .Issue}}{{.}}-{{end}}{{.Description}}" # Branch name template
   pattern: "{{.Type}}\/({{.Issue}}-)?{{.Description}}" # Branch name pattern
   variable_patterns: # A map of patterns to match for each template variable
      Type: "fix|feat|chore|docs|refactor|test|style|build|ci|perf|revert"
      Issue: "[0-9]+"
      Description: ".*"
   token_separators: ["-", "_"] # Characters used to separate branch name into a human-readable string
   max_length: 60 # Max characters to allow for branch length without prompting for changing it
   title: "{{.Type}}{{with .Issue}}({{.}}){{end}}: {{humanize .Description}}" # PR title template
   ignore_commits_patterns: ["^wip"] # Patterns to filter out a commits from the {{.Commits}} variable
   answer_checklist: true # Whether to prompt the user to answer PR description checklists. Possible answers: yes, no, skip (remove the item)
   push_to_remote: true # Whether to push the local changes to remote before creating the PR
   provider: github # The provider to use for fetching issue details (supported: github,jira)
   types: ["fix", "feat", "chore", "docs", "refactor", "test", "style", "build", "ci", "perf", "revert"] # The issue types to prompt the user when creating a new branch

PR Description (Body)

The PR description is based on the repo’s .github/ If this file does not exist, a default template is used:

{{with .Issue}}Closes #{{.}}.

{{end}}## Description

{{ humanize .Description}}

## PR Checklist

- [ ] Tests are included
- [ ] Documentation is changed or added


The templates are based on Go text template.

Additional template functions


Humanizes a string by separating it into tokens (words) based on branch.token_separators.



  • token_separators: ["-"]

  • {{.Description}}: “my-dashed-string”

  • Template:

    This is "{{ humanize .Description}}"


This is "my dashed string"

Special template variable names

  • {{.Type}} – Used to interpret GitHub labels to add to the PR and issue type to add the branch name.
  • {{.Issue}} – Used as a placeholder for the issue key when creating a new branch.
  • {{.Description}} – Used as a placeholder for the issue title when creating a new branch.
  • {{.Commits}} – Used as a placeholder in a PR description (body) to iterate over filtered commits.


  1. Install the gh CLI – see the installation

    Installation requires a minimum version (2.0.0) of the the GitHub CLI that supports extensions.

  2. Install this extension:

    gh extension install ilaif/gh-prx
Installing Manually

If you want to install this extension manually, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repo

    # git
    git clone
    # GitHub CLI
    gh repo clone ilaif/gh-prx
  2. Cd into it

    cd gh-prx
  3. Install it locally

    gh extension install .

Questions, bug reporting and feature requests

You’re more than welcome to Create a new issue or contribute.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change. See for more information.


gh-prx is licensed under the MIT license. For more information, please see the LICENSE file.


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