A GitHub Project Version Manager that polls latest version data from GitHub repo release tag.


Go get

> go get -u


versionmanager checks the version passed to its constructor against the tag attached to the latest release on a GitHub repo. Comparing the given version string against the tag_name value at{author}/{projectName}/releases/latest. This means release tag names need to be formatted specifically for this. Versionmanager doesnt support letters in version categories* and assumes a separator of a period unless told otherwise.

*A version category is a set of numbers separated by a uniform character (e.g. 2.0.3 has categories 2, 0, and 3). Using Semantic Versioning there are usually 3 version categories (major, minor, and patch) but versionmanager supports more categories as well.

package mainimport ("fmt"vmg "")func main() {vm := vmg.MakeVersionManager("Aquatic-Labs", "Umbra-Mod-Menu", "2.0.4")vm.RegisterObserver(func(status vmg.Status, data vmg.Release) {if status == vmg.OUTDATED {fmt.Println("Outdated.")}})vm.RegisterObserver(func(status vmg.Status, data vmg.Release) {if status == vmg.CURRENT {fmt.Println("Current.")}})vm.RegisterObserver(func(status vmg.Status, data vmg.Release) {if status == vmg.DEV {fmt.Println("Dev.")}})vm.CheckStatus()}


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