This is an unofficial WASM binding for Go to make TIC-80 Cartridges.


The included tic80 package follows the native TIC-80 API as closely as possible, including optional arguments. For functions that have optional arguments, you can either use the defaults by passing nil, like so:

tic80.Print("HELLO WORLD FROM GO!", 65, 84, nil)

Or, you can pass an instance of the corresponding tic80.<APIName>Options, chaining its methods to configure it, like so:

tic80.Spr(1+t%60/30*2, x, y, tic80.NewSpriteOptions().AddTransparentColor(14).SetScale(3).SetSize(2, 2))


  • Run make build to just build the WASM code.
  • Run make cartridge to build the WASM code and cartridge.
  • Run make, make all, or make run to build the WASM code, cartridge, and run the cartridge.


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