HTTP Telescope

Debug HTTP requests using a reverse proxy.

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This is a simple single-host reverse proxy that intercept and save HTTP
requests and responses (including plaintext bodies) in memory.
It has a minimal web dashboard.

How to build

Clone the repo and issue go build ./cmd/http-telescope or use the docker
image enrico204/http-telescope:latest.


Usage: http-telescope [options] [arguments]

  --config-path/$CFG_CONFIG_PATH                    <string>    (default: /conf/config.yml)
  --web-listen/$CFG_WEB_LISTEN                      <string>    (default:
  --web-ui/$CFG_WEB_UI                              <string>    (default:
  --web-read-timeout/$CFG_WEB_READ_TIMEOUT          <duration>  (default: 5s)
  --web-write-timeout/$CFG_WEB_WRITE_TIMEOUT        <duration>  (default: 5s)
  --web-shutdown-timeout/$CFG_WEB_SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT  <duration>  (default: 5s)
  --web-upstream/$CFG_WEB_UPSTREAM                  <string>    
  --log-level/$CFG_LOG_LEVEL                        <string>    (default: warn)
  --log-method-name/$CFG_LOG_METHOD_NAME            <bool>      (default: false)
  --log-json/$CFG_LOG_JSON                          <bool>      (default: false)
  --log-destination/$CFG_LOG_DESTINATION            <string>    (default: stderr)
  --log-file/$CFG_LOG_FILE                          <string>    (default: /tmp/debug.log)
  --disable-caching/$CFG_DISABLE_CACHING            <bool>      (default: false)
  --store-body/$CFG_STORE_BODY                      <bool>      (default: false)
  display this help message
  • --web-listen/$CFG_WEB_LISTEN is the listen address for the reverse proxy
  • --web-ui/$CFG_WEB_UI is the listen address for the web UI
  • --web-upstream/$CFG_WEB_UPSTREAM is the web upstream
  • --store-body/$CFG_STORE_BODY flag controls whether http-telescope need
    to capture the body or not. Note that the body is stored only if all of these
    are true:

    • it’s plaintext (e.g., text/*, JSON/XML or URL-form encoded mime types)
    • Content-Length header is available (notably, in HTTP/2 is optional)
    • content length is less than 10KiB

Example usage

http-telescope --web-upstream


This project is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE file.


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