Go library for connecting to HandlerSocket Mysql plugin. See github.com/ahiguti/HandlerSocket-Plugin-for-MySQL/


$ go get github.com/bketelsen/handlersocket-go

Read Example – Best examples are in the TEST file.

hs := New()

// Connect to database
hs.Connect("", 9998, 9999)
defer hs.Close()
hs.OpenIndex(1, "gotesting", "kvs", "PRIMARY", "id", "content")

found, _ := hs.Find(1, "=", 1, 0, "brian")

for i := range found {

fmt.Println(len(found), "rows returned")

Write Example

hs := New()
hs.Connect("", 9998, 9999) // host, read port, write port
defer hs.Close()

// id is varchar(255), content is text
hs.OpenIndex(3, "gotesting", "kvs", "PRIMARY", "id", "content")

err := hs.Insert(3,"mykey1","a quick brown fox jumped over a lazy dog")

Modify Example

var keys, newvals []string
keys = make([]string,1)
newvals = make([]string,2)
keys[0] = "blue3"
newvals[0] = "blue7"
newvals[1] = "some new thing"
count, err := hs.Modify(3, "=", 1, 0, "U", keys, newvals)
if err != nil {
fmt.Println("modified", count, "records")

Copyright and licensing

Licensed under Apache License, version 2.0.
See file LICENSE.


Brian Ketelsen – [email protected]

Known bugs

No known bugs, but testing is far from comprehensive.

Working: OpenIndex, Find, Insert, Update/Delete


Provide a layer of abstraction from the wire-level implementation of HandlerSocket to make a more intuitive interface.

Credits and acknowledgments

Took some inspiration from the original GoMySQL implementation, although I’ve backed much of that out in this initial release. https://github.com/Philio/GoMySQL I can see how it would be extremely useful for GoMySQL or GoDBI to use HandlerSocket in the background for simple finds, inserts, etc.


1/20/2011 Updated library extensively now working OpenIndex and Find commands

1/21/2011 Insert works now

3/14/2011 Modify and Delete work now – need more tests!