Inventa for Go

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A Go library for microservice registry and executing RPC (Remote Procedure Call) over Redis.


Service discovery, registry, and execution of remote procedures are some of the necessary tools in distributed applications. You must track which services (also how many replica instances of them) are alive. Also, your services should communicate between each other (choreography) or via an orchestrator service on top of them.

You can do API/function calls remotely by serving REST APIs, gRPC endpoints, etc… But these choices came with some drawbacks or advantages, you have lots of different architectural options on this topic.

Inventa offers you a lightweight solution for these requirements; if you already have Redis in your project’s toolbox, and if all of your services have access to this Redis instance.

Also, Inventa doesn’t abstract/hide its Redis client object, you can use its Redis Client object freely which is already connected to the server.


  • You have an application that consists of multiple services, developed with different languages (currently Go and Python are supported),
  • These services exist for different jobs, also they may be replicated into more than one instances, may be run in either different containers or machines,
  • There is one registrar/orchestrator service which other services will register themselves and send their heartbeats to it,
  • The orchestrator knows which service types and instances are alive now, the orchestrator should select one of the instances of a specific service, then call a function/procedure of the service, and get a response remotely.
  • All of your services will use Inventa, the one orchestrator service will instantiate it in Orchestrator Inventa role, other services will instantiate it in Service Inventa role.
  • Both Service roles and the Orchestrator role can call functions that are provided by other services if they know target service’s identifier.


go get


You can find example projects made using Inventa at


You can find Python implementation of Inventa on Inventa for Python (py-inventa).


Inventa for Go is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.


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