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cron is a Go library that parses a cron expression and outputs a human readable description of the cron schedule.
For example, given the expression */5 * * * * it will output Every 5 minutes.

Translated to Go from cron-expression-descriptor (C#) via cRonstrue (Javascript).
Original Author & Credit: Brady Holt (


  • Zero dependencies
  • Supports all cron expression special characters including * / , - ? L W #
  • Supports 5, 6 (w/ seconds or year), or 7 (w/ seconds and year) part cron expressions
  • Supports Quartz Job Scheduler cron expressions
  • i18n support with 26 locales.


cron module can be used with both Go module (>= 1.11) and earlier Go versions.

go get -u -v


// Init with default EN locale
exprDesc, _ := cron.NewDescriptor()

desc, _ := exprDesc.ToDescription("* * * * *", cron.Locale_en)
// "Every minute" 

desc, _ := exprDesc.ToDescription("0 23 ? * MON-FRI", cron.Locale_en)
// "At 11:00 PM, Monday through Friday" 

desc, _ := exprDesc.ToDescription("23 14 * * SUN#2", cron.Locale_en)
// "At 02:23 PM, on the second Sunday of the month"

// Init with custom configs
exprDesc, _ := cron.NewDescriptor(
    cron.SetLogger(log.New(os.Stdout, "cron: ", 0)),
    cron.SetLocales(cron.Locale_en, cron.Locale_fr),

For more usage examples, including a demonstration of how cron can handle some very complex cron expressions, you can reference the unit tests or the example codes.


To use the i18n support, you must configure the locales when create a new ExpressionDescriptor via SetLocales() option.

exprDesc, _ := cron.NewDescriptor(
    cron.SetLocales(cron.Locale_en, cron.Locale_es, cron.Locale_fr),
// or load all cron.LocaleAll
exprDesc, _ := cron.NewDescriptor(cron.SetLocales(cron.LocaleAll))

desc, _ := exprDesc.ToDescription("* * * * *", cron.Locale_fr)
// Toutes les minutes

By default, ExpressionDescriptor always load the Locale_en. If you pass an unregistered locale into ToDescription() function, the result will be returned in English.

Supported Locales

Locale Code Language Contributors
cs Czech hanbar
da Danish Rasmus Melchior Jacobsen
de German Michael Schuler
en English Brady Holt
es Spanish Ivan Santos
fa Farsi A. Bahrami
fi Finnish Mikael Rosenberg
fr French Arnaud TAMAILLON
he Hebrew Ilan Firsov
it Italian rinaldihno
ja Japanese Alin Sarivan
ko Korean Ion Mincu
nb Norwegian Siarhei Khalipski
nl Dutch TotalMace
pl Polish foka
pt_BR Portuguese (Brazil) Renato Lima
ro Romanian Illegitimis
ru Russian LbISS
sk Slovakian hanbar
sl Slovenian Jani Bevk
sv Swedish roobin
sw Swahili Leylow Lujuo
tr Turkish Mustafa SADEDÄ°L
uk Ukrainian Taras
zh_CN Chinese (Simplified) Star Peng
zh_TW Chinese (Traditional) Ricky Chiang


hcron is the CLI tool to convert the CRON expression to human readable string.
You can pass the CRON expressions as the program argument, piped hcron with stdin or given the path to crontab file.


You can find the pre-built binaries for Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD and Windows from the Release.

For other OS or architecture, you can build the code using Go as below:

$ go get -u -v

# or

$ git clone
$ cd cron/cmd/hcron
$ go build


$ hcron -h
hcron converts the CRON expression to human readable description.

  hcron [flags] [cron expression]

        Output description in 24 hour time format
        Is day of the week starts at 1 (Monday-Sunday: 1-7)
  -file string
        Path to crontab file
  -h    Print help then exit
  -locale string
        Output description in which locale (default "en")
        Also print all the lines which is not a valid cron
  -v    Print app version then exit
        Output description in verbose format

  $ hcron "0 15 * * 1-5"
  $ hcron "0 */10 9 * * 1-5 2020"
  $ hcron -locale fr "0 */10 9 * * 1-5 2020"
  $ hcron -file /var/spool/cron/crontabs/mycronfile
  $ another-app | hcron 
  $ another-app | hcron --dow-starts-at-one --24-hour -locale es

Project status

  • Port 1-1 code from cRonstrue Javascript
  • Port and pass all test cases from cRonstrue
  • i18n for 25 languages
  • Test cases i18n
  • Fix i18n issues of FA, HE, RO, RU, UK, ZH_CN and ZH_TW
  • hcron CLI tool
  • Performance improvement
  • Release v1.0.0


This project is under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.