conval – The CONtest eVALuator

This little Go library helps to evaluate the log files from amateur radio contests in several ways:

  • calculate the score of a log file based on a given rule set (work in progress)
  • show the performance over time during the contest (not yet implemented)
  • calculate statistics (not yet implemented)
  • compare the performance of two log files (not yet implemented)

Log files can be provided in ADIF or Cabrillo format. The results are either provided as plain text, CSV, or JSON.

Use as a Go Library

To include conval into your own projects as a library:

go get

Use as a CLI Tool (work in progress)

conval also includes a simple CLI tool that is mainly used to demonstrate the integration of the library.

Build it:

go build -o conval ./cmd

Simply run it:

go run ./cmd


This software is published under the MIT License.

Copyright Florian Thienel


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