A Go program to generate Fujifilm simulations from recipes of such simulations in CSV

A lot of persons write their recipes of Fujifilm film simulation within a spreadsheet kept up-to-date. Usually those come from
Fuji X Weekly. Then, they set themselves the properties of the recipe either directly into their own Fujifilm camera or
via the Fujifilm X-Raw Studio tool to create a custom film simulation in the camera.

The FujiSimuRecipesGen program aims to automatically generate Fujifilm simulations in FP1 format from such a spreadsheet. These FP1 files are generated into the folder specified in a user settings file. Those FP1 files can be then copied or moved into the location of the film simulations for Fujifilm X-Raw Studio so that you can transfer them directly to your camera with the Fujifilm tool (unless they are directly generated into this location).


You can find more information about the context of this program, the recipes in a spreadsheet, and the FP1 film simulation with Fujifilm X-Raw Studio in the website below (it is in French):


For information how to create custom film simulations with Fujifilm X-Raw Studio and to transfer them into your camera, you can read the tutorial below:



  • Create a settings file in YAML in which you specify the properties of both your camera and of Fujifilm X-Raw Studio.
    To know the required properties, please look at example/settings.yaml file.
  • Have your spreadsheet in CSV format following the syntax as indicated with the example/DemoPreset.csv file.

How to install

Just download the executable from the build directory that matches your operating system. Currently, the following are

  • For windows
  • For MacOSX
  • For GNU/Linux

How to build

Build for your system

  • First download a Go distribution and install it on your machine by following the instructions in the web site.
  • Then fetch the code of this project by clicking on the Code button and then Download ZIP
  • Extract the code from the ZIP archive in a location of your choice
  • Open a terminal and go to the directory in which is located the code, and then tape the following command to construct the program:
  go build
  • that will generate the program FujiSimuRecipesGen. You can then launch it in the terminal like this:
  FujiSimuRecipesGen -s mySettings.yaml -csv mySpreadsheetsWithTheRecipes.csv
  • the FP1 film simulations will be generated in the folder indicated in the mySettings.yaml file.

Build for all supported systems

First ensure you have a Makefile distribution installed in your system.

Then, follow the premisses presented in the section above. Instead of executing the go program, just do:


The limitation is the Makefile here is written for Unix system.


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