version: v0.1.0

gorl is:

  • A thread-safe implementation of the Leaky Bucket rate limiting algorithm
  • A server-side library to prevent clients from sending excess requests to your server

gorl is not:

  • A client-side rate limiting solution to block draw attempts until tokens have been refilled. Try uber-go/ratelimit instead!


func RateLimit(bm *gorl.BucketManager) http.HandlerFunc {
    return func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
        b := bm.Get(getIP(r))
        if !b.Draw(1) { // prevent requests if drawing tokens failed
            w.Write([]byte("Too Many Requests"))
        // otherwise, good to go!

Note: If you plan on using this to prevent repeated attempts to authenticate to a server with invalid credentials, be sure to get the draw logic correct!

recommended control logic: draw tokens only when authentication fails… there is an issue: a malicious user may send a large quantity of requests at one instant and have them all report a successful CanDraw at once, before the server has a chance to validate the other ongoing request auths and draw tokens. This issue is mitigated by using ForceDraw when authentication fails, because if a malicious client was able to successfully complete more authentication attempts in one refill period than is typically allowed, they will have a negative quantity of tokens for the subsequent time periods, averaging it out.

Code sample for the above control logic:

b := bm.Get(getIP(req))
// prevent requests from IPs which have exceeded the limit (do not attempt to draw here)
if !b.Draw(1) {
    return // 429 here
// prevent requests with invalid authentication (force draw here if auth fails!)
if !hasValidAuth(r) {
    return // 401/403 here
// continue handling the request (do not draw here).
// if the authentication was successful, the user should not be limited
// by this middleware, but instead another (authed-level) one if needed.


gorl is licenced under the MIT License.


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