off-chain calculation for different DEXs

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dexc is a go sdk to calculate swaps off-chain for various DEXs like uniswap-v2 + forks / uniswap-v3 / …

The calculations are thread-save, to update the state for a specific pair, you need to use the setter functions.


go get

Uniswap V2 and forks

To create a dex-pair you just need the fee the fork raises (30 = 0.3%, 25 = 0.25%, …) Before a calculation you need to set the current state (reserve0, reserve1 *uint256.Int)

You can find an example here: uniswapV2 example


Benchmark_uniswapV2_GetAmountOut_not_zeroForOne-10              18144783                58.87 ns/op           32 B/op          1 allocs/op
Benchmark_uniswapV2_GetAmountOut_zeroForOne-10                  20268572                58.75 ns/op           32 B/op          1 allocs/op

Uniswap V3

To create a pool you need the tickSpacing and fee from the pool. Before a calculation you need to set the current state (tick int, sqrtPriceX96, liquidity *uint256.Int) and the tickList (tickList []Tick)

You can find an example here: uniswapV3 example


Benchmark_uniswapV3_GetAMountOut_in_range_not_zeroForOne-10       321951              3593 ns/op            2648 B/op         83 allocs/op
Benchmark_uniswapV3_GetAMountOut_in_range_zeroForOne-10           374823              3134 ns/op            2424 B/op         76 allocs/op
Benchmark_uniswapV3_GetAMountOut_out_of_range-10                   33720             35531 ns/op           20032 B/op        620 allocs/op
Benchmark_uniswapV3_GetAMountOut_out_of_range_no_limit-10            382           3119899 ns/op         2070209 B/op      67729 allocs/op


  • Add tests for uniswapV3
  • Next DEXs


Your help is welcome here!

  • If you have a question, feedback or a bug report, please open a new issue
  • Try to make small pull requests
  • Every pull request should be covered by unit tests and should be discussed first in an issue
  • Please run make lint before submitting a PR (you need staticcheck installed).


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