go-skia is a Go skia binding based on skia C library through cgo.

Note: the project is still in early stage, and it only supports Linux-amd64 now. The next release (in developing) will be much more mature.

If your project supports Go modules, then the import path is go101.org/skia.

The current skia static library is built from the skia fork, which forked from skia C++ repository revision 8534723c7be1c079711d8bac45e93728d6524f8a. The commands used to build the library:

$ bin/gn gen out/Static --args='is_official_build=true skia_use_libwebp=false skia_use_dng_sdk=false skia_use_freetype=false skia_use_fontconfig=false skia_use_expat=false skia_enable_fontmgr_empty=true skia_use_icu=false skia_use_system_libjpeg_turbo=false skia_use_system_libpng=false skia_use_system_zlib=false extra_cflags = [ "-w" ]'
$ ninja -C out/Static