Fielder is a tool to generate Go code that extracts fields from a struct and transforms them into ENUM. Also, it adds useful methods and functions.


When using ORM-s like gorm, go-pg, bun you have to pass column names as arguments of different methods. This is a pain to use raw strings for that, and it also might be a security risk. Much better to rely on ENUM which represents columns for a specific table.


The library provides the following features:

  • Generating ENUM for the struct fields
  • Generating method to validate ENUM values
  • Generating function to list all ENUM values
  • Tag-based field names extraction
  • Extraction of embedded fields
  • Excluding fields
  • Different formatting (camel, pascal, snake)
  • Template overriding


$ go install[email protected]


Put the go:generate directive in the same package as the struct you want to generate. For example:

//go:generate fielder -type=UserAccount

package domain
type UserAccount struct {
    FirstName string
    LastName  string
    Email     string
    Password  string

Then, run command bellow to generate the code:

$ go generate ./...

For more details, check example in the example folder.

The following CLI flags are allowed:

Usage of fielder:
        Extract embedded fields (default false)
  -excluded string
        Comma separated list of excluded fields (default "")
  -format string
        Format of the generated type values (default "as_is")
  -output string
        Set output filename (default "<src_dir>/<type>_fielder.go")
  -pkg string
        Package name to extract type from (default ".")
  -suffix string
        Suffix for the generated struct (default "Field")
  -tag string
        Use tag to extract field values from (default "")
  -tpl string
        Set template filename (default "")
  -type string
        Type to extract fields from


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