Welcome to Rando Recipes

An Go webapp that loads a random recipe from a list of recipes.

See demo app here: https://ancient-caverns-83780.herokuapp.com/

Starting the Application

Rando Recipes is built of buffalo which ships with a command that will watch your application and automatically rebuild the Go binary and any assets for you. To do that run the “buffalo dev” command:

buffalo dev

Deploy To heroku

  1. Creat Heroku account. Start Here.
  2. Install heroku-cli then run below commands. Start here:

To login with heroku cli and create a new app run:

heroku container:login && heroku create

To build and deploy to heroku using docker run:

heroku container:push web && heroku container:release web

For more Herkou info go here.

If you point your browser to you should see a “Welcome to Buffalo!” page.

Congratulations! You now have your Rando Recipes Buffalo application up and running.

What Next?

We recommend you heading over to http://gobuffalo.io and reviewing all of the great documentation there.

Good luck!

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