A Go wrapper around the Notion API.

| ⚠ This package is new and under active development.

How to Use

Install the package

go get github.com/bmorrisondev/go-notion

Create a client with your integration token (more info on that here)

client := NotionClient{

Example: Query a database

	shareAt := "Share At"
	asc := "ascending"
	filter := QueryFilter{
		Filter: &Filter{
			Property: &shareAt,
			Date: &DateFilter{
				Before: &now,
		Sorts: &[]Sort{
				Property:  &shareAt,
				Direction: &asc,

	results, err := client.QueryDatabase("DATABASE_ID", &filter)

How to Contribute

  • Fork the repo
  • Make your changes
  • Submit a PR

Contact Me

For more info, you can reach me on the Learn Build Teach Discord at https://discord.gg/vM2bagU.


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