A Golang program for a colleague to help in calculating the ratio between the points obtained in a test and the corresponding evaluation in tenths.
If you have not the compiled file (.exe) you can build it with the Go compiler.

How-to guide

By clicking on the .exe file you’ll se the shell like the image below. So you have to digit the maximum of the score you want is converted into tenths. Type this data in digits. After typing, hit enter. ↵
Prima schermata

e.g. in this guide we consider 78 the maximum of the test. After typing, hit enter. ↵

Seconda schermata

in this example, the student got 70/78 After typing 70, hit enter. ↵

Terza schermata

So the final evaluation is 8.97 which is boxed in green. Note that the blue box is due to an evaluation criterion that was asked, decreasing the normal score by 0.5.

Quarta schermata

You can enter an unlimited number of values to be calculated. To terminate the program, click on the red X which will close the terminal


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