Golang AI Bot Wit.AI/Wolfram/Slack

This is Golang project builting a Slack bot using Wit.ai and Wolfram Alpha. You can ask the bot questions like image

Technologies Used

  • Golang
  • Wit.ai
  • Wolfram Alpha
  • Slack


Executing program

  • Create intent on Wit.ai image
  • Add entity wit/wolfram_search_query image
  • Enable socket mode on Slack api image
  • Enable subscriptions mode on Slack api image
  • Subscribe to couple bot events image
  • Go to OAuth & Permissions and add couple scopes image
  • Install to workplace image
  • Add app to slack image
  • Download the repository to your computer and go to project file

git clone https://github.com/mobenh/Golang-MongoDB
cd Golang-MongoDB
  • Create .env file and add theses 4 image

    • Get SLACK_BOT_TOKEN (should start with xoxb) image
    • Get SLACK_APP_TOKEN in Setting >> Basic Information >> App-Level Tockens (should start with xapp) image
    • Get WIT_AI_TOCKEN image
    • Get WOLFRAM_APP_ID image
  • .env should lokk like this image

  • Run code

go run main.go
  • Now test on slack



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