This tool allows you to create all possible permutations of your SVG assets. For the example results, look into the example/output directory

How to use

Prepare assets

Create a main directory with all the needed resources. This directory should contain template.svg file and multiple subdirectories for each asset you want to combine.

Template file there should contain placeholders. Example of template file:

<svg width="800" height="600" xmlns="">
    <!-- body -->
    <!-- candy -->
    <!-- handle -->

For each placeholder, there must be a corresponding assets’ directory with the same name. For example, for <!-- body --> placeholder, there must be a body folder.

Next, put an arbitrary number of svg assets into each asset directory. Assets should be enumerated from zero like 0.svg, 1.svg, etc.

Example structure:

├── body                   # Directory with first type assets
│   ├── 0.svg              # Actual assets
│   ├── 1.svg
│   └── ...
├── handle                 # Directory with second type assets
│   ├── 0.svg
│   ├── 1.svg
│   └── ...
├── ...
└── template.svg           # Template file

There is an example available in the example/assets directory of the current project.


Run the tool with the next parameters:

  • a : path to the asset directory
  • o : path to the output directory where results will be generated


go run . -a ./example/assets/ice-cream -o ./example/output


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