Netmaker is a tool for creating and managing virtual networks. The goal is to make virtual/overlay/mesh networking easy for non-networking people. It should be like clicking a button. Netmaker consists of a server, an agent, and a UI. You spin up the Netmaker server and then install netclient (the agent) on your computers. Netmaker will do the rest. It will tell all of your computers how to reach each other and will keep them informed of any changes to the network.

Netmaker's handy dandy UI can be found here.

Under the hood, Netmaker uses WireGuard to create encrypted tunnels between every node in your virtual network, creating a full mesh overlay. Netmaker takes the work out of manually configuring machines with WireGuard and updating them every time you have a change in your network. The netclient agent is self-updating and pulls any necessary changes (such as new peers) from the server.

Why Netmaker?

  1. Create a flat, secure network between multiple/hybrid cloud environments
  2. Integrate central and edge services
  3. Secure a home or office network while providing remote connectivity
  4. Manage cryptocurrency proof-of-stake machines
  5. Provide an additional layer of security on an existing network
  6. Encrypt Kubernetes inter-node communications
  7. Secure site-to-site connections


Compatible Systems

Netmaker works on most linux systems that have systemd. It works with Fedora, Ubuntu, and Raspian. Just make sure you have WireGuard installed. Having a problem? Open an issue or Contact us.

In future releases, we have plans to support other platforms such as Windows and MacOS.

Quick Start


  1. A server with an IP reachable by your computers (a small ec2 instance or droplet would do just fine).
  2. Linux installed on the above server (we use Ubuntu, but anything that runs Docker should work).
  3. Install Docker (can run without Docker as well, but is not preferred. If this is a requirement, view the Advanced Usage docs).

Launch Netmaker:

  1. Clone this repo or just copy contents of "docker-compose.yml" to your Netmaker server (from prereqs).
  2. In docker-compose.yml, change BACKEND_URL to the public IP ofthat machine.
  3. Run sudo docker-compose up
  4. Navigate to your server's IP in the browser and you should see the Netmaker UI asking to create a new admin user.
  5. Create a new admin user
  6. . Click "Create Network" and fill out the details
  7. You are now ready to begin using Netmaker. Create a key or enable manual node sign up so that your nodes can connect.

On your machines :

Run the following: curl -sfL | SERVER_URL=<your server ip>:50051 NET_NAME=<your network name> KEY=<your access key> sh -
(Note: Key can be left out if manual node signup is enabled)