Go! Goldennum!

A Goldennum Game battleground for human and AI/Bot.


There are N players, begin a competition round of Goldennum. Every round, every player submits 2 float numbers in the open interval (0, 100) to the server. At the end of the round, the server will calculate the average of the numbers submitted during this round as AVG. Then the Goldennum of the round is calculated as AVG * 0.618. For every submitted number, if it is the closest number to the Goldennum, the submitter gets N-2 points, if it is the furthest number from the Goldennum, the submitter gets -2 points, otherwise, the submitter gets no points. After the rounds ends, player with the most points wins the game.

For players, take a look at our Participation Guide!

If you want to host a game but having trouble deploying on your server, feel free to contact me. I am glad to open a lobby on my server for you.




For detail, you may refer to the wiki pages.



You can get the docker image at forewing/goldennum.

See docker-compose.yml for example config.

Pre-Built Binary

Download it from GitHub Action CI, latest successful build is recommended.

Or from Latest Release page.

Build From Source

Require Go 1.16+

Make sure you have GO111MODULE set to on

go env -w GO111MODULE=on

You may need to setup GOPROXY if you live in countries without international network connections.

To set it up, simply run go env -w GOPROXY=https://goproxy.io,direct.

You can install with a single command

go install github.com/forewing/[email protected]

Or get the source code and build manually

git clone https://github.com/forewing/goldennum.git
cd goldennum
go build


./goldennum -h
Usage of ./goldennum:
  -admin string
        Admin username. (default "admin")
  -base-url string
        Base URL. If you are using reverse proxy to redirect "//PUBLIC_HOST/PREFIX/uri" to "//REAL_HOST/url", it should be set to "/PREFIX"
  -bind string
        Bind address. (default "")
  -conf string
        Config file path. If set, load config from file instead.
  -db-addr string
        Mysql server address. (default "localhost:3306")
  -db-name string
        Database name. (default "goldennum")
  -db-pass string
        Database password. (default "goldennum")
  -db-path string
        Path to sqlite3 database. (default "./sqlite3.db")
  -db-type string
        [sqlite3, mysql] (default "sqlite3")
  -db-user string
        Database username. (default "goldennum")
        Set debug mode.
  -password string
        Admin password. Random if empty.
        Display versions.
  1. By default, server read all configs from command line flags.

  2. If flag -conf={FILE} is set, server will load configs from {FILE} instead of flags. Refer to conf/config.example.yml for detail.

  3. If environment variable USE_ENV_CONFIG=true is set, non-empty environment variable will override corresponding fields. Refer to example.env for detail.

  4. If password not set, a safe random token will be used.


Players may develop their own AI/Bot to take part in the game, using the API port.

API Specification