Gdlv is a graphical frontend to Delve for Linux, Windows and macOS.

Demo video here.


Gdlv on macOS


First make sure you have the current version of delve installed:

go get -u

then install gdlv:

go get -u

Use Ctrl+plus and Ctrl+minus, or config zoom 1.5 to change font size. See help for a list of available commands.

Other backends

On Linux and Windows gdlv uses shiny to draw its window and receive mouse and keyboard input from the Operating System. On macOS gio is used instead. This behavior can be changed using build tags:

go install -tags=nucular_gio

will force gdlv to use nucular_gio everywhere, conversely -tags=nucular_shiny will select the shiny backend on macOS. Additionally, on macOS, -tags=nucular_shiny,metal can be used to make shiny draw using the metal API.


2021-01-10 / Version 1.5

  • Better disassembly view
  • File descriptor redirects
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

2020-04-25 / Version 1.4

  • Support reverse step/next/stepout
  • Support logical breakpoints
  • Fixes copying from scrollback editor
  • Fixes listing recentering on current line after a target resume

2020-03-27 / Version 1.3

  • Show goroutine labels
  • Support interrupting a recording

2020-01-28 / Version 1.2

  • Highlight changed variables in a different color
  • Add source code links in scrollback

2019-11-22 / Version 1.1

  • Added option to filter the goroutines window to only the goroutines matching a specified pattern.
  • Added -r option to the restart command which will rerecord the target (if it was recorded), also added the flaky script which runs the program repeatedly (rerecording it) until it hits any breakpoint.
  • Added -tags command line option to specify build tags for the target program.

2019-10-22 / Version 1.0 tagged


  • Added Starlark as a scripting language


  • Start from main.main instead of runtime.main.
  • Better interface when concurrent breakpoints happen during next, step or stepout.


  • Deferred calls view.
  • Limit number of goroutines that are loaded (improves performance when debugging programs with tens of thousands of goroutines while the goroutines window is opened).
  • Make pastel theme the default theme.
  • Fixed bug handling disabled breakpoints.


  • Fix build on go1.9
  • New, extended, syntax for pinning expressions dp @f/somefunc/ a will evaluate a in the first frame calling somefunc.



  • Breakpoint persistence
  • pretty printing of time.Time variables
  • Notification for truncated stack traces
  • Ability to have an expression’s value printed to the command window every time a continue command completes.


  • Fixed some race conditions
  • Redesigned detail views, they are now updated while stepping through the code


  • Highlight variable names
  • Expose starting location of goroutines
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes


  • Support font changes
  • Sort variables by declaration line
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes


  • Print return values when stepping out of a function
  • Allow setting breakpoints after the program has exited


  • Implemented path substitution rules


  • Implemented “Continue to line”
  • Let restart change program arguments
  • Made load parameters configurable


  • Support for upcoming go 1.10.
  • Changed how split windows are implemented (floating windows with docking).


  • “Find Element” command: search through a slice or an array for the element matching a given expression.
  • New red theme.
  • Only recompile if one of the source files changed.
  • step -last command option to step into the last call on the line.
  • Search command history with Ctrl+R


  • Pinning of expressions to specific execution frames.
  • Keybindings for continue, next, step and stepout
  • Compact visualization for interface values


  • Custom formatters for user defined types.
  • Better executable building for go1.9


  • Better formatting for maps and integer variables.


  • Added core command
  • Support for multiple backends
  • Added “replay” startup command, “checkpoint” command and “Checkpoints” view.


  • Horizontal scrollbars for all panels


  • Goroutines panel will show a breakpoint icon for goroutines stopped at a breakpoint.


  • Implemented selective step into. Right click on a function call on the current line to step into that function call (note: not that function, that function call). Also accessible through the step command with step -list:

Step Into