gRPC Client Connection Cache

This library is designed to provide a central cache of ClientConn‘s to make better use of the built in multiplexing and reduce the amount of TCP handshakes that need to take place.

The lifetime of a connection is managed through the connectivity API. The go gRPC implementation does not currently implement idle_timeout to automatically change its state to idle, we can force this from the server side using the GOAWAY mechanism which is implemented easily with this ServerOption:

    MaxConnectionIdle: 60 * time.Second,

This way if the client connection does not have an open stream, or if it hasn’t done an RPC call in MaxConnectionIdle duration then it will automatically remove the connection from the cache and perform a graceful closure.

The connectivity API will also change state when there’s a problem with the connection etc. But do be aware there is a small period of time where broken connections may be served up before a connection issue is detected. You can read more in the connectivity semantics and api doc.


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