Threads Helper

This helper was created to provide an easy to use tool for managing groups of goroutines in common use-cases.

Example usage:

g := threads.NewGroup(ctx)

g.Go(func(ctx context.Context) error {
	return DoSomeTask(ctx)

g.Go(threads.PeriodicWorker(10*time.Second, func(ctx context.Context) error {
	fmt.Println("every 10 seconds this message will show up")
	return nil

err := g.Wait()


This library allows you to:

  1. Create several goroutines easily and wait for them to return
  2. If any of the goroutines return an error this group cancels the context causing a graceful shutdown.
  3. If any of the goroutines return an error the .Wait() method will return it so it is easy to handle it.

There is also a useful implementation of a PeriodicWorker that will repeatedly run the input function periodically using the given interval as a period.

This worker is also useful because if the context is cancelled it will perform a graceful shutdown, so you don’t have to write this behavior youself.


This project was created by Blackpoint Cyber to help the community, it uses a public domain license meaning you can copy and use any part of it without worrying about any restrictions.


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