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awswitch is an opinionated CLI that minimally emulates the behavior of the aws-vault exec command to run ad-hoc commands or switch to a subshell of a specific AWS profiles on the fly.

Additionally, credentials are obtained automatically using gimme-aws-creds to make a simple one command workflow for switching AWS profiles and credentials. This behavior can be disabled by running awswitch --no-verify and re-enabled by awswitch --verify.


If you’re installing direct from source instead of with homebrew and you want the default automatic credential acquisition to work you’ll need to install gimme-aws-creds yourself. This is automatically taken care of when installing with homebrew.


This is a Go CLI and as such can be installed the standard Go way if you have a working Go installation. A homebrew package is automatically provided for tagged releases if you don’t have or want Go installed on your computer.

Install with go install

go install


Install with homebrew

brew tap joepurdy/tap
brew install awswitch

Note: Installing with homebrew has the added benefit of automatically installing gimme-aws-creds as a dependency if it wasn’t already installed.


The configuration file is created automatically at $HOME/.config/awswitch/config.yaml if it doesn’t already exist.

  • autogimmeawscreds – This enables automatic credential verification and acquisition with gimme-aws-creds, the default is true.


To switch to a named profile and the default AWS Region of us-east-1:

awswitch --profile example-staging

To switch to a named profile and a custom AWS Region:

awswitch --profile example-staging --region us-west-2

Same as the last example, but use short flags:

awswitch -p example-staging -r us-west-2

Execute a single command using a named profile:

awswitch -p example-staging -- aws sts get-caller-identity

Credit and Why Yet Another Tool

This tool exists thanks to the inspiration of far greater utilities, specifically aws-vault, saml2aws, and gimme-aws-creds. It’s born out of a need for a workflow to authenticate many AWS accounts via Okta SSO and solves a specific niche that the existing tools didn’t quite cover.

I wanted the simplicity of the aws-vault exec command with the requirement for Okta based SAML authentication which wasn’t an option because the authors of aws-vault recommend other tools like saml2aws for obtaining credentials through a SAML provider: 99designs/aws-vault#235

gimme-aws-creds was a better fit than saml2aws for obtaining the credentials since it allows getting credentials for all profiles rather than one by one. This tool simply recreates a minimal version of aws-vault exec with gimme-aws-creds as the mechanism for obtaining credentials.


awswitch is released under the MIT License


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