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Aero is a high-performance web server with a clean API.


go get -u


Aero usage

Run this in an empty directory:

aero -new

Now you can build your app with go build or use the run development server.


Web server performance


  • Makes it easy to reach top scores in Lighthouse, PageSpeed and Mozilla Observatory
  • Optimized for low latency
  • Best practices are enabled by default
  • Has a strict content security policy
  • Calculates E-Tags out of the box
  • Saves you a lot of bandwidth using browser cache validation
  • Finishes ongoing requests on a server shutdown
  • Lets you push resources via HTTP/2
  • Supports session data with custom stores
  • Allows sending live data to the client via SSE
  • Provides a context interface for custom contexts
  • Shows response time and size for your routes
  • Can run standalone without nginx babysitting it



  • http as an HTTP client with a simple and clean API
  • log for simple & performant logging
  • manifest to load and manipulate web manifests
  • markdown as an overly simplified markdown wrapper
  • nano as a fast, decentralized and git-trackable database
  • pack to compile Pixy, Scarlet and JS assets in record time
  • packet as a way to send TCP/UDP messages between nodes
  • pixy as a high-performance template engine similar to Jade/Pug
  • run which automatically restarts your server on code/template/style changes
  • scarlet as an aggressively compressing stylesheet preprocessor


Please take a look at the style guidelines if you’d like to make a pull request.


Cedric Fung Scott Rayapoullé Eduard Urbach
Cedric Fung Scott Rayapoullé Eduard Urbach

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