1. server.go runs a HTTP/HTTPS server on the port 9090.
  2. It gives you 4 endpoints

  1. /protected requires username and password that is sourced from a file called creds.txt
  2. /unprotected will give you back some data, to test in wireshark
  3. You can run this server in TLS and non-TLS mode to test the connection.

How to run

  1. go run server.go
  2. If the application is running in server.go as srv.ListenAndServeTLS then you can access it via https
  3. Open wireshark and try to access the Authorization: Basic <base64> request for /protected handler
    a. With non-TLS you can decode the header by echo <base64> | base64 -d
    b. For TLS you will not be able to do that


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