What is go-woo

go-woo is a high-performance IoT business protocol translator. In the real world, the most difficult thing for the implementation of the Internet of things is the interconnection between a variety of devices and lots management system. IoT has 2 types of protocol,they are physical protocol and business logic protocol.The physical protocols often are international standards and support by international org and corp.But business logic protocols over physical protocols were developed and implemented by manufacturers. go-woo use WASM script to translate between different business logic protocol. For northward manager system,go-woo provide Apache Pulsar as pipeline. go-woo provide multi-tenant for southward devices and northward manager system.


  • Provide http api for manager
  • Provide gRpc for microservice
  • Support WASM script to translate business protocol
  • Multi tenant MQTT and Apache Pulsar
  • Manager data in ent and cache
  • Cli manager tool
  • Time-serial database

How It Works

How to test WASM script


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