Project introduction

Nada refers to the design of JVM,CLI, ZENDVM, V8,Node and other runtime, and implements the instruction set of JVM, supports the running of Ts,Js,PHP,Java and other high-level languages. At the same time, it enhances javascript (type, interface, generics), and fundamentally solves the longstanding complaints of Js.

  • Allows PHP,JAVA,JS,TS to run as scripts in GO
  • As a runtime, the core goal of Nada is to provide entrepreneurs and businesses with a basic service framework for fast trial and error, fast product validation, and fast market capture at the lowest technology cost.

Development plan

  • Stage 1
  • Class resolves 60%
  • Data type 70%
  • Interpreter 2%
  • Toolkit 1%
  • Jar and zip parsing 0%
  • Stage 2
  • NDK (NODE API) 0%
  • debug agent 0%
  • Vscode syntax plugin 0%
  • Idea syntax plugin 0%
  • LSP Language server
  • Multithreaded 0%
  • Stage 3
  • Cross-platform desktop UI library
  • package management
  • ffi

Related support


We have very strict requirements on the code specification, please read the specification carefully to make sure that you can accept the specification before fork!

  1. Choose groups you are good at
  2. The grouping [list] (
  3. Fork the warehouse
  4. Add Feat_ XXX branch
  5. Submit the code
  6. Create a Pull Request