A kubectl plugin for interacting with Clusternet.


Install With Krew

kubectl-clusternet can be installed using Krew,
please install Krew with this guide first.

Then you can install Clusternet kubectl plugin with,

$ kubectl krew install clusternet

Download Binary

Alternatively, kubectl-clusternet can be directly downloaded
from released packages.

Download a tar file matching your OS/Arch, and extract kubectl-clusternet binary from it.

Then copy ./kubectl-clusternet to a directory in your executable $PATH.

Build on Your Own

Clone this repo and run make bin

$ git clone https://github.com/clusternet/kubectl-clusternet
$ make bin

Then copy ./dist/kubectl-clusternet to a directory in your executable $PATH.

How it works

$ kubectl clusternet -h
  clusternet [flags]
  clusternet [command]

Available Commands:
  apply       Apply a configuration to a resource by filename or stdin
  create      Create a resource from a file or from stdin.
  delete      Delete resources by filenames, stdin, resources and names, or by resources and label selector
  edit        Edit a resource on the server
  get         Display one or many resources
  help        Help about any command
  scale       Set a new size for a Deployment, ReplicaSet or Replication Controller
  version     Print the plugin version information