Kubernetes-based Event Driven Autoscaling

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KEDA allows for fine-grained autoscaling (including to/from zero) for event driven Kubernetes workloads. KEDA serves as a Kubernetes Metrics Server and allows users to define autoscaling rules using a dedicated Kubernetes custom resource definition.

KEDA can run on both the cloud and the edge, integrates natively with Kubernetes components such as the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler, and has no external dependencies.

We are a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) sandbox project.

Table of contents

Getting started

You can find several samples for various event sources here.

Deploying KEDA

There are many ways to deploy KEDA including Helm, Operator Hub and YAML files.


Interested to learn more? Head over to keda.sh.

Governance & Policies

You can learn about the governance of KEDA here.


If interested in contributing or participating in the direction of KEDA, you can join our community meetings.

Just want to learn or chat about KEDA? Feel free to join the conversation in #KEDA on the Kubernetes Slack!

Become a listed KEDA user!

We are always happy to list users who run KEDA in production, learn more about it here.


You can find the latest releases here.


You can find contributing guide here.

Building & deploying locally

Learn how to build & deploy KEDA locally here.