K8s namespace quota controller

About The Project

This is a Kubernetes custom controller. the Controller itself has been written in GO.

The controller is looking for existing & new namespaces with the name “dev” in it.

for each namespace, it will try to create some custom ResourceQuota with some custom values in it.

the controller is packaged inside a Docker image.

there is also a deployment for the controller to work inside the cluster.

for order it to work it will need some permissions so, we first have to create the Service account, the ClusterRole & ClusterRoleBinding

Provisioning Process

  1. Create the SA
kubectl apply -f manifests/sa.yml
  1. Create the clusterRole
kubectl apply -f manifests/clusterrole.yml
  1. Create the ClusterRoleBinding
kubectl apply -f manifests/crb.yml
  1. Create the deployment
kubectl apply -f ./manifests/deployment.yml


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