Kubernetes Replacer

A Kubernetes webhook that performs replacements on Secrets and ConfigMaps using one of the supported “providers”. It simplifies secret management by allowing you to inject secrets into your application without the use of custom resources. It also allows you to compose secrets from multiple sources, and in whatever format you want.


This project was heavily inspired by the tool ArgoCD Vault Plugin. Unlike many other secret management tools, it performs replacements on the yaml before it is applied to the cluster. This has the benefit of requiring no custom resources or controllers, and it allows you to compose and combine multiple secrets into a single resource. The downside is that it requires you to install the application into your CI/CD pipeline, and it makes testing locally less convenient.

This project was created as a way to get the functionality of ArgoCD Vault Plugin into Kubernetes. Through the use of a mutating webhook, it performs the similar replacement functionality as ArgoCD Vault Plugin, but it does so as part of the normal kubectl apply process.


The following example uses the GoogleSecretManager provider:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: my-secret
    replacer.agb.dev/provider: gcp
  key1: <replace:my-project/some-secret>
  secrets.yaml: |
    api_token: <replace:my-project/some-token-secret>


A provider is a backend that provides replacements for keys inside of <replace:> templates. You can select a default provider with the replacer.agb.dev/provider annotation on your resource, or with the <replace(<provider>):> template syntax.

Currently, only the gcp provider is supported, but it is very easy to add a new provider and pull requests are welcome.

Provider Configuration

All provider-specific configuration options are specified via annotations with the prefix replacer.agb.dev/ followed by the provider name, a period, and finally the key. If the type of a parameter is listed as boolean or integer, the value should be a string representation of the value (e.g. replacer.agb.dev/key: "true").


Provider for Google Cloud Platform’s Secret Manager.


    replacer.agb.dev/provider: gcp

The gcp provider accepts both the full resource path to the secret, or shorter forms which include just the secret name and project (not nessecary if a default project is given). The default version used in all cases where is it not specified is latest.

Secret path examples:

  • <replace:projects/my-project/secrets/my-secret>
  • <replace:projects/my-project/secrets/my-secret/versions/latest>
  • <replace:projects/my-project/secrets/my-secret/versions/1>
  • <replace:my-project/my-secret>
  • <replace:my-secret> (only if the project_id option is provided)


Key Type Description
project_id string The default project id to use when none is given.




MIT License, see the LICENSE file.


This project was partially bootstrapped with Kubebuilder.


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