Pod Kicker

This is small proof of concept of a component to restart

Getting Started

Installing / Deploying

See examples in deploy directory for how to add the podkicker sidecar to any pod, and the service account needed.

Running locally

The code only works running inside a pod in Kubernetes


Details of any configuration files, environmental variables, command line parameters, etc.

For services

Setting / Variable Purpose Default
PODKICKER_WATCH What file or directory to watch for changes, when a directory is added all files and sub-directories under it are watched recursively. Required None
PODKICKER_TARGET_NAME The name of the Kubernetes deployment or stateful set to be restarted. Typically this is the same one as the sidecar is running under. Required None
PODKICKER_TARGET_TYPE Either “deployment” or “statefulset” “deployment”

Repository Structure

A brief description of the top-level directories of this project is as follows:

/build      - Build configuration e.g. Dockerfiles
/deploy     - Deployment and infrastructure as code, inc Kubernetes
/cmd        - Source code

Known Issues

All file operations will trigger the restart, there is no filter yet


This project uses the MIT software license. See full license file


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