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A Layer-4 load balancer where you can distribute your workload to different servers.

Run Executable

Download proper binaries according to your OS and architecture. You can download binaries from here. While running executables you need to pass configuration file as command line argument.

Run Project

  1. You need go v1.18 or higher to run this project. You can download Golang from here.
  2. Clone or download this repository.
  3. change directory to load-balancer/src
  4. run go mod tidy
  5. Create configuration file.
  6. run go run main.go -config <config-file-path>

Command Line Arguments

  • -config <config-file-path> For passing configuration file. This Argument is mandatory while running binaries/project.
  • -log <log-dir-path> will set log file directory. This argument is optional, by default it will store logs in current directory.


Configuration file must be in JSON format. You can modify load-balancer’s configuration using these fields –

  • host It will set load-balancers host. ex "host" : "localhost"
  • port It will serve load balancer in this port. ex "port" : "8080"
  • protocol It will load balance this protocol. Allowed values are websocket and http. ex "protocol" : "http"
  • networkType Only tcp networkType is allowed. ex "networkType" : "tcp"
  • nodes It will contain URLs for server which we want to load balance. ex "nodes" : ["localhost:7071"]



    "host": "localhost",
    "port": "8080",
    "protocol": "http",
    "networkType": "tcp",
    "nodes": [


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