MIGP library

This contains a library for the MIGP (Might I Get Pwned) protocol. MIGP can be
used to build privacy-preserving compromised credential checking services.
Read the paper for more details.

Quick start


mkdir -p bin && go build -o bin/ ./cmd/...


go test ./...

Generate server configuration and start MIGP server

Start a server that processes and stores breach entries from the input file.

cat testdata/test_breach.txt | bin/server &

Query MIGP server

Read entries in from the input file and query a MIGP server. By default, the
target is set to a locally-running MIGP server, but the target flag can be used
to target production MIGP servers such as https://migp.cloudflare.com.

cat testdata/test_queries.txt | bin/client [--target <target-server>]

Advanced usage

Run the client and server commands with --help for more options, including
custom configuration support.


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