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ClickVisual is a lightweight browser-based logs analytics and logs search platform for ClickHouse.



log search page


configuration page



  • visual query dashboard, support query Histogram and raw logs for SQL.
  • shows percentage for specified fields.
  • vscode style configuration board, you can easily emit your fluent-bit configuration to Kubernetes ConfigMap.
  • Out of the box, easily deployment with kubectl.
  • Support for GitHub and GitLab Authentication.




  • For Docker

# clone clickvisual source code.
git clone

# you may need to set docker image mirror, visit <> for details.
docker-compose up

# then go to browser and visit http://localhost:19001.
# login username: clickvisual 
# login password: clickvisual
  • For host

# download release.
# get latest version.
latest=$(curl -sL | grep  ".tag_name" | sed -E 's/.*"([^"]+)".*/\1/')

# for MacOS amd64.
wget "${latest}/clickvisual-${latest}-darwin-amd64.tar.gz" -O clickvisual-${latest}.tar.gz 

# for Linux amd64.
wget "${latest}/clickvisual-${latest}-linux-amd64.tar.gz" -O clickvisual-$(latest).tar.gz  

# extract zip file to current directory.
mkdir -p ./clickvisual-${latest} && tar -zxvf clickvisual-${latest}.tar.gz -C ./clickvisual-${latest}

# open config/default.toml, then change database and redis or other section configuration
# execute migration latest sql script in scripts/migration directory
# start clickvisual
cd ./clickvisual-${latest} && ./clickvisual -config config/default.toml

# then go to browser and visit http://localhost:19001
# login username: clickvisual
# login password: clickvisual

Main Tasks

Bugs or features

If you want to report a bug or request for a feature, create a issue here.

Join Us

Join us, please add the “cv” keyword in the verification information.

Wechat id is “MEXES_”


Thanks for these wonderful people:

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