A lightweight single-process reimplementation of [elastic|open]search. Built with golang and sqlite3 as the backend data store, using the fts5 and json1 extensions.

Aims to provide an elasticsearch-compatible implementation in constrained environments like SBCs / raspberry pis, dev-test scenarios and test pipelines.

The full API is massive and most of it is unlikely to be implemented, though I imagine that there are plenty of people out there using only a small subset of its capabilities.

Implementation Roadmap


  • Index and doc creation
  • Bulk doc creation
  • Basic support for term/match queries against string fields
  • Bool must/should compound queries crudely supported

Near-term goals:

  • Improving parsing coverage of Query DSL
  • Basic aggregation
  • Improved test case coverage
  • Improved documentation for what is supported and what isn’t, and helpful error messages when unsupported features are used

Future work:

  • Indexing and storage optimizations in sqlite usage

Out of scope:

  • Most things 🙂 Clustering, sharding, etc.

Why make this?

I like running things on SBCs, often just to see if it can be done. And as I discovered, elasticsearch is not too happy running on a 1GB armv7 Orange Pi.

Example use

$ curl -s -X "PUT" http://localhost:8080/newindex | jq
  "acknowledged": true,
  "shards_acknowledged": true,
  "index": "newindex"

$ curl -s -X "POST" http://localhost:8080/newindex/_create -d '{"hello": "world"}' | jq
  "_index": "newindex",
  "_id": 2,
  "_version": 1,
  "result": "created"

$ curl -s -X "POST" http://localhost:8080/newindex/_search -d '{"query": { "term": {"hello": "world"} }' | jq
    "id": 1,
    "_source": {
      "hello": "world"

examples has some more example use cases.


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