Line Bot MRT

This project is a line bot that helps you to retrive the information from MOTC Transport API. As it is in the early stage of develepment, this project only support the timetable function.

I have deployed this project on Heroku, if you want to have a look, you can join this official account via the following link.


Recently, Taipei MRT company kept promote their new app 台北捷運go. However, I found the app is full ADs and not even available for checking the timetable!

As a result, I decided to find a more convenient way to get the timetable information. I found MOTC Transport API and decided to combine with line bot.

I choose line bot because Line app supports Shortcut App on my iphone, so I can write a routine to automatically check the timetable before I go to work.


An example screen shot:

To retrieve the timetable of Taipei MRT, type

時刻表 出發站 終點站 數量

For example, send 時刻表 景美 松山 3 will response with


which is the arrival times of the upcoming three timetables.

If the message does not start with a valid query command, it will response with りしれ供さ小

How to run the program

First install go with version 1.18 To install the dependency, run

$ go mod tidy

Before executing the program, you should set the following three environment variable

  • ChannelSecret: you can get the channel secret from line developer website
  • ChannelAccessToken: you can also get this token from line developer website
  • PORT: the port of this API service.

After setting the environment variables, you can execute this program by

$ go run main.go

To check the program is actually running, you can visit


To test the program, you can run

$ go test -v [package]

For example, go test -v ./mrt will do the test I wrote in mrt package.

Future Work

  • Add support for suggesting station name. Like Did you mean: xxx in Google search.
  • Save data in DB to reduce the time for querying MOTC API.
  • Add support for checking national holidays, as the timetable would be different for national holidays.
  • Add routing check, so that user can input any destination, and the program should check how to travel to the destination.
  • Add other operations, e.g. real-time information of MRT from MOTC API.


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