💅🏽 Makeup 💄

A local development tool to replace Docker Compose, based on Make.

Makeup uses simple Makefiles to create a faster developer workflow compared to Docker and docker-compose. It uses locally installed tools and a version-checking mechanism to get reasonably-sane builds, and runs things (like multiple webservices) in parallel, a la Compose.

Basically, the makeup command will build all of the components of your application and then run them together, to make things like microservices easier.

There are three main components of makeup:

  • The main.mk file (which includes tool version checks).
  • Individual component .mk files (with build, run, test, env, and clean targets).
  • Optional generated Makefile, which allows anyone who isn’t using makeup to build and run your project just as easily.

The makeup tool is required to get started (and to get the most top-notch experience), but not required for anyone else to use your project (which is part of the beauty).

✨ Check out the full usage instructions



  • makeup: builds each component sequentially, and then runs your entire project
  • makeup test : tests each component sequentially
  • makeup clean : cleans each of the components in the project

In progress:

  • makeup generate : generates the main Makefile for anyone to use.

Here’s an example (from this repo!):

Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 6 02 12 PM

That’s it for now.

Copyright Connor Hicks and external contributors, 2022. Apache-2.0 licensed, see LICENSE file.


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