Blockchain Explorer

mini blockchain explorer – composed of two services Rest & Indexer


Is the backend service for the chain explorer, it gets the details of a block along with the details of transactions in it then stores them in a DB.


An HTTP server that read from a database and exposes public endpoints to view a range of block/transactions as well as statistics about the chain.

`GET /health`           - health check endpoint
`GET /v1/index`         - instruct Indexer to perform a scan

`GET /v1/block`         - get latest block in db
`GET /v1/block/{id}`    - get a specific block 

`GET /v1/stats`         - get stats total amount of transactions and all transaction hashes in DB.
`GET /v1/stats/{range}` - get stats for a range of blocks `start:end`

`GET /v1/tx`            - get latest transaction id db.
`GET /v1/tx/{hash}`     - get transaction by hash

Indexer Store

Persistence layer StoreWriter an interface expose below API.

// StoreWriter
type StoreWriter interface {
    Ping() error
    HasScanned(ctx context.Context, id int64) bool
    SaveBlock(ctx context.Context, block *chain.Block) error
    SaveTx(ctx context.Context, tx *chain.Tx) error

Rest Store

StoreReader reads from a DB and an interface exposing these APIs.

// StoreReader
type StoreReader interface {
    Ping() error
    GetLatestBlock(ctx context.Context) (*chain.Block, error)
    GetBlock(ctx context.Context, n int64) (*chain.Block, error)
    GetLatestTx(ctx context.Context) (*chain.Tx, error)
    GetTx(ctx context.Context, hash string) (*chain.Tx, error)
    GetStats(ctx context.Context, i, j int64) (*chain.Stats, error)


# rest configuration
    address: ":8080"

# indexer configuration
    address: ":8081"
    host: "http://localhost"
    token: "secret"
    endpoint: "wss://{api_key}"
        rate: 3
        duration: "1s"
    workers: 5
    timeout: "30s"
# store configuration
    path: "./tmp/"


rename file config/example.config.yaml to config/config.yaml and uodate config as per requirement.

Then, run make inderxer in one terminal to start the indexer service and run make rest in another terminal to start the rest service.

once both services are up

[rest service] 2022/10/02 19:50:05 starting http server on :8080
[indexer service] 2022/10/02 19:50:06 starting http server on :8081

Run in a 3rd terminal window, to instruct the indexer to start scanning the blockchain, from block 15661751 to the latest one.

curl -XGET -H "Content-type: application/json" 'http://localhost:8080/v1/index?scan=15661751'

A Success Response:

{"status":200,"payload":"indexer command executed"}

View Postman collection postman/blockchain_explorer.postman_collection.json for all rest service endpoints/APIs.


  • add more tests.
  • add store mocks.


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