This is an experiment in quickly creatding a CMS, which I mean

  • upload and download files
  • large media files, such as multi-GB mp4s work well and efficiently
  • install tarballs of entire static apps (ie: React apps, html pages)
  • combine embedded sql database state and file volume mount
  • simple GET/POST without multipart-mime
  • all directories are created IMPLICITLY.
  • metadata about an object can be uploaded before or after the content


  • reverse proxy endpoints (A few hundred lines of code at most, as I write reverse proxies often)
  • the reverse proxy endpoints would allow full apps to work
  • OpenPolicyAgent for security enforcement, I did this in a separate project, and it took a few hours.

# Must be on Linux
./cleanbuild && ./gosqlite

When it launches, it looks like this:

> ./cleanbuild 
2022/05/06 09:58:50 ENV SCHEMA: schema.db
2022/05/06 09:58:50 opening database schema.db
2022/05/06 09:58:50 opened database schema.db
2022/05/06 09:58:50 ENV BIND:
2022/05/06 09:58:50 start http at


The API is meant to be as trivial as possible, such that curl examples are more than sufficient. Currently, there are just GET and POST, where certain prefixes are special.

  • POST or GET to /files/${URL} means to write the file blob to the given URL. Not having any kind of oid means that URLs must uniquely identify files (where oids, which I don’t want to support) would complicate this.
  • a POST to /files/${URL} with a parameter installed=true means to expect a tarball, and the url is specifying the directory in which it goes.
  • GET /search/${URL}?match=${term} with a term that you are looking for will render a simple html page of hits.

Install a react app in a tarball, or a simple html app. Install means to expect a tarball, and unpack it into the named directory.

in package.json, homepage="." so that the react app can be mounted anywhere in the tree.

  cd `dirname $0`
  ( cd app && tar cvf ../app.tar . ) 
  curl -X POST --data-binary @app.tar http://localhost:9321/files/app/v1?install=true

Upload a normal file, one by one

  curl -X POST --data-binary @resume.pdf http://localhost:9321/files/doc/rob/resume.pdf

Search by keyword king:



Adding reverseproxy endpoints to make full-blown apps work will be easy. Permission system for safe updates a little less so, but not hard.


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